PureGreen24 Multi Pack

PureGreen24 Multi Pack

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PureGreen24 Multi Pack
1 4oz Spray
1 32oz Spray
1 1gal Refill
1 Microfiber Cloth

Do You Disinfect?
State law requires you to disinfect your work area after every client

But How?

Did you know that after 24 hours quaternary ammonium products lose their effectiveness? The pink or blue stuff you use to disinfect your implements stops working after 24 hours. It can’t be made up ahead of time. It must be measured and mixed daily. Also, it is not safe for skin contact. If you get it on your skin you are required to flush your skin with cold water for 10 minutes.

PureGreen24 is a one step cleaner and disinfectant that does not contain any quaternary ammonium compounds, phenols, chlorine, glutaraldehyde, alcohol or caustic soda. It is non-staining and deodorizes the surfaces that it cleans and disinfects. It uses a combination of silver ions and citric acid both of which occur naturally in the environment.

The EPA does not permit any disinfectant to be declared “safe”, since by definition a disinfectant kills organisms on the surface being treated. But the EPA also recognizes that PureGreen24 does not require gloves be worn or that the product should be washed off the hands or surface unlike all other disinfectants.

What good is using “5 free” safe nail products if you are disinfecting your station and implements with something that is a hazardous product? PureGreen24 is the only choice for truly green salon sanitation.

Did you know that your state board requires you to have both a level 1 and a level 2 disinfectant? The pink or blue stuff you are using now is probably only a level 1 disinfectant, that means you need to have another level two disinfectant available just for blood spills. You also must check to see if it has expired.

PureGreen24 will replace all other disinfectants in your salon and meets the state board requirements for a level 1 and level 2 disinfectant. It never expires and can be used over and over again. It kills all the required germs, viruses and spores. It even kills some of the deadliest bugs like Ebola and MRSA. No rinsing required for skin contact. It causes no skin irritation. PureGreen24 disinfects without bleaching and is odorless with no harsh chemical smell. PureGreen24 does not require warning labeling unlike all other disinfectants. 

4oz for your car or purse, 32oz to spray on and wipe off every surface that you or your client may touch during a service. 1 Gallon to use in your disinfectant container as a 10-minute implement soak.

Just 8 ounces in your implement disinfectant tray or jar once a month and 1 gallon will last you 16 months.

PureGreen24 is the greenest, most reliable and most economic choice for all your disinfection needs at the salon and in your home.

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