Does Gelousy gel need a UV lamp or can you use an LED lamp?

Posted by Erick Westcott on 11/2/2019 to News

The most common question I get about lamps is “Does Gelousy gel need a UV lamp or can you use an LED lamp?”

The problem with answering that question is that a LED lamp is a UV lamp.  They are the same thing.  The LED is just a light source.

It is sort of like asking “Do I need an automobile to drive or will a car be OK?”

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to UV lamps.  Hopefully this article can clear some of that up.

There is only one way to cure gel.  UV energy.  That’s it.  If you don’t have UV energy, the gel will stay liquid forever.

How we get that UV energy to the nails is the job of the UV lamp.

There are two types of lamps out now.  Compact Fluorescent and LED.  However, the compact fluorescent lamps are being replaced by LED.

The “bulb” is the device that releases the UV energy to be projected towards the gel nail to be cured.

So what is the difference between bulbs?

Compact fluorescent has a short glass tube.  Usually about six inches long.  There can be just one or many bulbs in each lamp.  They work by electricity exciting the gas inside the bulb to produce energy.  The inside of the bulb is coated to only allow a certain frequency of energy out.  That frequency of energy is the UV that cures gel.

LED’s are Light Emitting Diodes.  They are usually look like little plastic dots that light up when you turn the lamp on.  There might be only a few, or there could be 30 or 40 in one lamp.  But when they light up, they are emitting UV energy.

So the older compact fluorescent glass bulbs and the newer LED bulbs both produce UV energy.  It is the UV energy that cures gel.

That is the very long answer to “Does this gel need a UV lamp or can you use a LED lamp?”.  The short answer is:

They are the same thing.  An LED lamp is a UV lamp.

So what kind of lamp do I need to cure Gelousy gel?

Either a compact fluorescent or an LED lamp that produces 365nm (nanometers) and 405nm of UV energy at a distance no less than two inches.

Additionally, UV must be focused or projected directly on to the product to be cured.

Also, a good lamp would also use at least 36w of energy to produce the desired frequency of UV energy.

Any lamp we sell is guaranteed to cure Gelousy Gel.  Just search for lamp in the search box at the top of the page on

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